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Sabalan also known as Savalan is an inactive stratovolcano in the Alborz mountain range andArdabil Province of northwestern Iran. At 4,811 meters (15,784 ft) in elevation, it is the third highest mountain in Iran. It has a permanent crater lake formed at its summit.
On one of its slopes around 3,600 meters (11,800 ft) in elevation there are large rock formations of eroded volcanic outcrops which resemble animals, birds, and insects.
It is Located in the extreme northwest of Iran, Sabalan is the country's third highest peak after Damavand and Alam-Kuh. It is also higher than Mont Blanc in the Alps.
The mountain offers many attractions throughout the year. On the slopes of the mountain the mineral water from springs attracts large numbers of tourists each year, many of whom have faith in healing properties attributed to the springs.
The nomadic people of the area live in small villages, with their round "Yurt" tents appealing to tourism. Sabalan has a sky resort (Alvares) and different tourist areas such as the Sarein spa.

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